Thursday, August 24, 2017

2018 NFL Mock Draft

2018 NFL Mock Draft

The DraftBlaster site is one of my favorite sports related websites as it does a great job covering the NFL Draft. It is focused on one topic, and tries to add in depth analysis to all aspects of the draft.

Note from their home page:

Notes: During the 2018 NFL Preseason, DraftBlaster will be posting weekly updates to our 2018 NFL Mock Draft. Early mock drafts are based on very broad strokes, and we don’t assign a high priority to matching players with team needs. As it looks now, there is a lot of talk that this is a much better quarterback class than last year, but the quarterbacks picked early in last year’s draft are performing quite well to this point. Another strong position in the 2018 NFL Draft should be offensive tackle, where again there was a weak class in the previous year.
The DraftBlaster 2018 NFL Mock Draft will add a second round when we get closer to the season. This again will be focused primarily on player rating rather than a strong focus on matching team needs to each player.  Until then, we will feature stats from last year, and continue to display links to analysis from last year’s draft.  As we learned from last season, it will take until the first quarter of the 2018 NFL season is complete to shift focus to matching players to teams.  This allows not only the NFL season to develop, but also for the draft class to start to come into focus in terms of player ratings.

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