Sunday, June 19, 2016

New Health Site -

Health and Wellness 

I have posted a lot of articles on my book, and now starting to share cool info I find on the web that I think would be useful.  I have recently discovered an amazing health and wellness online community called  The site is in a question and answer format, and is totally free.  I see topics ranging from general health, men's health, women's health, diets, nutrition, to cancer questions, symptoms, recovery questions, diabetes, allergies, and much more.

One thing I really liked is that I didn't even have to register, I just used my Facebook profile to login. You can use use Facebook, Google, Instagram, and a few other social media tools for this.  Also, it seems you can submit your articles or blog posts if you have that... and even link it back to your own site, which really helps out other health and wellness and medical blogs.

I am going to start telling people about it to maybe build up a lot of info on sports related health and injuries.  This would include nutrition, recovery, and info on the latest fad diets.

I highly suggest this health and wellness community,

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