Saturday, September 28, 2013

Miami Marc Roberts Article - From Drive CMS

Article about Miami and Marc Roberts

If one drives across the Mcarthur Causeway, past the $20 million homes on star Island (nodding to Shaquille’s palatial waterfront compound if only for a moment), past music producer Scott Storch’s home studio, past the dozen or so cruise ships readying the masses for the Caribbean, past former eagles patriarch Norman Braman’s spectacular yacht at the Miami Beach Marina, and toward the sands of south Beach, the gleaming setai condominium  towers above virtually all else in america’s most exciting enclave.

The Setai is all about height, all about perspective.

Up in the penthouse, past the Bentley Continental Gt awaiting valet, past the hushed Zen lobby, stands Marc Roberts, the man with perspective, and he’s on a roll.

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